Luigi's Adventure OSE Relay

In April 2020 many poor souls signed up for the first hack relay, so of course we (in partnership with Romhack Races) are prepared to do it again with a new relay of another standard hack: Anikiti's "Luigi's Adventure OSE"!

luigi's adventure relay this year

— BeeKaay (@BeeKaaaay) May 7, 2021


Team 1 Team 2
World 1 Beekaay linkdeadx2
World 2 marathonx BradBrains
World 3 810Munoz kezcade
World 4 TheJavaBrew Glackum
World 5 Shoujo Wkerrick
World 6 electronicLogic tjb0607
World 7 Flez1594 Rustifuzzy
World 8 Glitchcat7 SilentSnake20
Valley of Bowser spudd_4343 LouisDoucet