BDSMW Central

Welcome to BDSMW Central your primary resource for "brutally difficult" Super Mario World ROM hacks.

This site hosts an assortment of hacks that have a reputation for being both quite hard at times, and sometime unfair in their design, while still being quite creative. This makes each of them a unique challenge to beat without tool assistance.

The list here was curated with input from folks in the SMW hacking community with the taste for and knowledge of these sorts of hacks.

The Hack List

These games are provided as BPS Patches either as-is or, in the case of some older hacks, with fixes applied to make them usable on modern emulators or consoles. Some older Japanese hacks featured here have also been translated to English alongside their fixes.

Honourable Mentions

These are some hacks that are uniquely questionable creations that are borderline unplayable or very tough to try and play without tool assistance.

Quality of Life

Unless they already include them, many of these hacks lack the "quality of life" accommodations a lot of modern players are accustomed to, namely infinite lives, auto-saving your progress, and the retry system.

If you would like to play with some of those applied, you can download the following Asar patch which can be configured to:

You are still encouraged to give a hack your best effort without this patch and play the game as-designed. 🙂

Quality of Life Patch →


This site appreciates the work these creators put into their respective hacks and recognizes that their reputations for being "brutal" are more often than not the result of a mismatch between the expectations and tastes of modern players and the intent and context in which these hacks were originally made, especially the older hacks.

Thanks also to the folks fixing and translating old Japanese hacks, and archiving hacks on SMWDB several of which are featured here.